Why Explainer Videos Increase Sales (Demo)

The success of any business lies on how good their sales are, so its owners must invest in marketing tools that help them increase those sales.

But the biggest question here is: what would be the best marketing tool to use to achieve this?


Well, nowadays the answer is more than easy: an animated explainer video.

Those who are not familiar with these animated marketing videos, and even those who know what they are but not how they work, must be wondering why this is the best possible solution to increase sales. And that’s exactly what we are going to explain in this post.

Let’s go with the facts on why these videos help to increase sales:

Fact #1:

One of the main benefits of animated explainer videos is their power to explain -in a very short time and in an engaging way- what your product or service is all about. This is also the first step into the purchase decision: making your potential customers understand your brand and learn how it can help them.


Marketing videos are usually 90 seconds long. This is more than enough time to explain your product or service without boring your audience. This is why an animated explainer video is the perfect pitch every time.

Fact #2:

78% of the (entire) world’s population watches at least one video a week. But there’s more: online video watching and sharing are well-known practices for an increasing amount of people on a daily basis.


This is why it’s always a good idea to invest in marketing videos whether you’re a big consolidated industry or a freshly baked startup. Remember that more online sharing is equal to more and more views.

And what happens when your business has a well-developed and productive video marketing strategy that is being watch by many people? Yes, the sales increase.

Fact #3:

Animated explainer videos generate a strong bond within the viewer and the brand; this impacts directly on your marketing campaign results.

A custom marketing video with lovable characters, an engaging story, a beautiful animation design and the use of the right colors -all focused on the brand’s target audience- creates an emotional bond, generating trust and empathy; two decisive factors when choosing which product to buy. Check this engaging animated marketing video of ours, for example:

If the video is good enough to create an impact on your audience, customers will have the brand on their minds when the purchase decision arrives. This is why it is so important to hire the most adequate explainer video company to make a video of true high quality.

Fact #4:

With an animated marketing video, it’s possible to increase your visibility in the search engines like Google and YouTube (if you want to know more about this, download our free eBook) which means: more people will find your business and know about it = more potential customers = an increase in sales.

And this is exactly why 52% of marketing professionals around the world consider marketing videos to be the online content with the best return on investment (ROI).


When someone watches a video and feels somehow connected with it, he or she will be very likely to share it online. And when this happen it’s awesome news for your sales, because social media sharing is a great way of generating free additional advertising.


These four facts are the main reasons why explainer videos are great marketing tools for increasing the sales of any business. But to make it clearer, let’s go into some more statistics:

● The average visiting time of any website is just 8 seconds, but when the same page has a video, visitors stay on it for up to 2 minutes.

● 85% of those visitors are more likely to buy the product after watching a video about it.

● This year, mobile commerce is expected to own 25% of all e-commerce sales (and there is nothing more compatible with mobile marketing than an online video).

● Plus in 2018, experts claim that video traffic will rule the Internet, occupying 90% of it.

To sum up, let’s just remember that animated marketing videos are great at engaging the audience; this leads to confidence and furthermore, to action! Or -as you would probably rather hear an increase in sales.

Now don’t leave so soon! Please visit our Explainer Video Profile. Or contact Magoven Creative Studio for an obligation-free quote to help boost your customer interaction through explainer videos.

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