Persuade Helps South African Companies Find Qualified Leads and Make ROI-Focused Marketing Plans

The success of any business depends on how optimized and efficient their process of generating qualified leads and conversion rate. Sales professionals understand the value of new business leads in achieving their targets. Still, lead generation activities have a profound impact on the overall growth and survival of a company. Many organizations struggle to create effective digital marketing plans that deliver consistent prospects or sales leads with higher conversion rates. There can be different reasons, such as lack of resources, inadequate sale funnels, poor lead data quality, misalignment between sales and marketing, overreliance on outbound methods, and more. Those struggling with generating consistent sales and business leads can benefit from hiring an expert agency that creates ROI-optimized and targeted B2B lead generation. For example, Persuade is a specialized marketing agency in South Africa with a proven track record of delivering results for organizations of all sizes.

In B2B sales, “lead generation” refers to finding, attracting, and nurturing leads interested in the company’s products and services. This method utilizes several marketing and sales techniques designed to attract specific demographics of people, hold their interest with relevant information, and ultimately convert them into paying customers. Identifying qualified sales leads and converting them into paying or repeat customers will require strategic planning, multi-channel campaigns, relevant content, performance analytics, and continuous efforts within the defined budget. But in this highly competitive business environment, it can be challenging to differentiate a company’s offerings and capture the attention of potential leads. That’s why many African fin-tech, IT, and service provider companies have started to consult specialized marketing agencies like Persuade to outsource their lead generation and B2B sales activities.

"Thoroughly impressed by the leads generated by Persuade. We been able to build a pipeline of warm opportunities for our Cloud solutions." - George Thomas, Managing Director, Huawei.
“Thoroughly impressed by the leads generated by Persuade. We been able to build a pipeline of warm opportunities for our Cloud solutions.” – George Thomas, Managing Director, Huawei.



Partnering with an external B2B sales agency benefits companies looking to generate high-potential prospects for their business. For instance, Persuade assists businesses in creating a custom approach for generating leads, one which considers the specific market conditions, target audience preferences, and industry trends in Africa. The agency usually conducts comprehensive market research to ascertain the particular demographics, behaviors, and pain points of the target audience in Africa to create a tailored outreach plan. Subsequently, the agency employs a blend of customized outreach, follow-ups, and relationship-building techniques to obtain appointments with decision-makers, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions. In addition, they provide detailed metrics and analytics, allowing the company to measure the effectiveness of campaigns in Africa and make data-driven decisions for improvements.

With market research, a tailored outreach strategy, high-quality appointments with decision-makers, continuous testing and optimizing the outreach methods, and in-depth reporting and analytics, a B2B lead generation marketing agency like Persuade can assist African businesses in maximizing their sales funnel, marketing efforts, lead generation activities, conversion rates, and ROI.


Persuade Helps South African Companies Find Qualified Leads and Make ROI-Focused Marketing Plans


About Us: Persuade is an expert lead generation agency in South Africa specializing in creating personalized outreach campaigns that help businesses optimize their sales funnel and lead generation activities. Recognized as the Best Lead Generation Agency in South Africa in 2021 by MEA Markets, Persuade has become a reliable sales partner for companies across the African region. With a profound comprehension of human behavior and decision-making processes, Persuade has helped its clients close 15% more new deals on average. With offices in 35 different African countries, the organization has become an expert in African outreach.

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